Need to see what it's all about? Have a look at these demos. They'll provide a glimpse into the numerous advantages brought to you by the PENSIVO Compliance College.


Demo 1

Click the link to this demo for an explanation of how the modules are built. You'll be able to go through various screens of a typical module and either read or hear what brings these to life. To hear the text on a screen, click the green Play button at the bottom.

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Demo 2

Want to go through an actual module, screen by screen, to know how it feels? Click the link to this demo. You'll go through Section 1 of the module entitled Anti-Money Laundering Part 1. See how easy it is!

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Demo 3

Interested in the administrative functions of the PENSIVO Compliance College? Click the link to this demo. It will give you a quick look at how you'll know "who did what when". Audits will be a breeze with these functions available at no extra cost when a company signs up.

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