Learning Advantage

Our courses are based on a proven pedagogical approach to learning that blends the best practices of instructional design with the most up-to-date technological innovations.

Each course on our web site includes:

  • A brief introduction with clearly spelt out learning objectives
  • Concise information written in clear language from experts
    in the field
  • Interactive learning activities to keep you engaged in the learning
  • Optional audio segments to make the learning enjoyable
  • Knowledge Checks at regular intervals so that you know you have mastered the contents
  • Informative case-studies derived from disciplinary notices, regulatory reporting and lawsuits involving brokers
  • A Certificate of Achievement stating that you have successfully completed a course

With our suite of on-line courses, you choose the topics that are important to you. And you learn at your own pace and on your own time.

Our courses are in a secure hosting environment, monitored 24/7 and accessible through an optical fiber connection to the Internet.

All courses offered by the Compliance College are IDA approved for Continuing Education credits.

For more information on our courses, get in touch with

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