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Compliance College is presented by a partnership of securities industry and on-line learning professionals.

Our content experts have many years of security industry experience along with the professional credentials that ensure the highest level of quality content. For example, one is a lawyer who has worked for both regulators and brokers and has completed an LL.M. in Securities Law. Another has a C.A. and M.B.A, with expertise in brokerage auditing, and also has regulatory and industry experience.

PENSIVO is the oldest e-learning company in Canada (1980) with a reputation for innovative design and technical reliability. They have provided cutting edge learning strategies to an impressive list of professional organizations, education institutions, government and private clients. Secure hosting is provided 24/7 on an optical fiber connection to the Internet. PENSIVO is represented by Daniel Larocque, who has extensive experience in distance learning and design and Noël Thomas, a consultant in distance education with special expertise in internet based courses. PENSIVO is fully bilingual.

For more information on the PENSIVO Compliance College:
Daniel Larocque
Toronto: 416-462-9687
North America: 1-866-596-8372

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